Air date:8,12,14



Series:The spongeons


[shows mayor Quimby at town hall]

[A big crowd is in front of mayor Quimby]

Mayor Quimby:today we will uh be celebrating uh 367 years of Springfield...

[Mayor quimbys guard comes up]

[The guard whispers into Mayor quimbys ear]

Mayor Quimby:oh I uh see I got that uh wrong I mean 377 years uh silly uh who's that guy who's coming up?

[professor frink comes up]

Professor frink:it be the one and only professor frink...

Mayor Quimby:and what will you uh be showing us?

Professor frink:I will be today showing you this glavin machine here!

[Professor frink takes a cloth off a machine*

Mayor Quimby:wow how come I didn't uh see that there?

Professor frink:probably you haven't took in the crowd and surroundings if just click this here do hicky and then click this other do hickey the machine will hopefully show us into the past so we can have a speech with jebidiah Springfield himself

Mayor Quimby:that's very uh interesting now what should we uh do?

Professor frink:I think we shall just wait for the machine to kick in...

[shows SpongeBob and Patrick in Sandy s tree lab]

Sandy:so SpongeBob y'all got that jellyfish jam what I need for my machine to start working?

SpongeBob:yeah I left it...uh oh...

[shows the jam all over the controls of Sandy s machine]

Patrick:oh yeah I forgot is that thing important?I knocked the jelly...

SpongeBob:Sandy is this thing important?

[shows Sandy turn round]

Sandy:oh no!who all did this?!


Patrick:I didn't

Sandy:Patrick!you just destroyed one of my machines!it took me ages to build this!and now it's gone!oh no!wait Ive all got a plan

[Sandy flicks a switch in the tree]


Sandy:quick get in!


[the wall goes aside showing a lift]

SpongeBob:wow!a lift!

Sandy:yeah now y'all get in!


[they all get in the lift]

Sandy:ok ready?

Patrick:where's the seat belt?

Sandy:Patrick this is a here we go!

[Sandy pushes a button]

[the lift goes down into a under ground laboratory]

Sandy:well here we all are...

[they all get out]

SpongeBob:wow you never told us about this!

Sandy:it's top secret I wouldn't tell anyone...not even you...


[shows Sandy walk over to a big room]

Sandy:well this is all it...

SpongeBob:wow what is it?

Sandy:my time machine...

SpongeBob:time machine?!woah!

Sandy:also top secret...

SpongeBob:oh ok...

[they get in the time machine room]

Sandy:now I can stop Patrick from knocking the jelly over

SpongeBob:good idea!

[shows mayor Quimby sleeping in Springfield at town hall]

Professor frink:just any second the machine will kick in...maybe now?

[a light comes up on the top of the machine]

Professor frink:yes it's a giant glavin success!mayor!

[shows mayor Quimby wake up]

Mayor Quimby:huh wait what?!honey is that uh you?

Professor frink:the machine has glavin havin lavin kicked in!

Mayor Quimby:oh now can we uh go inside?

Professor frink:no not all glavin's still glavin dangerous we'll have to put these suits on if something goes wrong...

[professor frink gives Quimby a yellow suit]

[They both put yellow suits on]

Mayor Quimby:and we can uh now go in?

Professor frink:of course...

[shows professor frink get into the time machine]

Professor frink:but first Im going to the future!

Mayor Quimby:wait uh what?

Professor frink:to see what the glavin lottery ticket is going to be tomorrow!

[The time machine door closes]

Mayor Quimby:but wait you can't uh just leave me here with all these uh people!

Professor frink:see ya all in my glavin giant Malibu mansion!

[The sky goes dark]

Mayor Quimby:uh we can uh take this inside...

[Thunder hits the ground]

[Everyone starts screaming]

Mayor Quimby:why uh all get back to your cars safely and have a good day!

[Quimby runs off]

[Shows professor frink in the time machine]

Professor frink:but but you need to flick the glavin switch on the side of the machine!oh no!

[Shows the thunder hit the time machine]

Professor frink:gulp...anyone can you glavin save me?!

[shows everyone in downtown Bikini Bottom running into their houses]


[Shows mr Krabs walk out of the barg.N.mart]

[Shows mr Krabs walking through the town]

Mr Krabs:you did me good 6 year old voucher for groceries![Laughs]

[Shows the thunder hit the road]

Mr Krabs:ahhh!!!!woah!what the barnacles?!

[Mr Krabs drops the groceries]

Mr Krabs:no!me groceries!

[shows Sheila drive past in her boat with pearl in the back]

Pearl:tonight has been so coral...

Sheila:I know pearl it's been so coral!now this un-coral weather has come we're gonna have to go inside...hey look pearl is that your old crusty dad?![points at mr Krabs]

Mr krab:hi sweety!have ya had a good time tonight?

Pearl:[hides head in shame]be quiet dad your so un-coral like the weather at the moment...

Mr Krabs:aw...come on pearl help your daddy with his groceries...

Pearl:I hate you dad...

[Pearl gets out of the boat and picks up the wet grocery bag]

Pearl:is this that 6 year old ticket you got last year for free food for a day?

Mr Krabs:yup I use it every time!

[Sheila drives off]

Sheila:bye pearl!see ya tomorrow in class!

[shows thunder hit mr Krabs and pearl]

Mr Krabs:ahhhhh!!!

[Mr Krabs and Pearl disappear]

[Shows Squidward lying down on a deck chair on top of his tiki head roof]

Squidward:oh fish paste!I blame this on SpongeBob!

[shows Squidward get up and try to open the ladders back into his house]

Squidward:oh silly me I need a key...

[shows Squidward look at the table]

Squidward:where's my keys?!wait a minute...I must of thrown them at SpongeBob so he would go away!oh no!

[thunder hits Squidward]


[Squidward disappears]

[shows Mrs. Puff in a boat with billy at boating school]

Mrs Puff:now billy just one do you start a car?

Billy:uh with a uh?press the start button?

Mrs Puff:[sighs]yes the start button...

Billy:yay I got it right!

[shows thunder hit a boat behind them]

[the car blows up]


[billy runs off]

Mrs Puff:finally now I can go home and...

[thunder hits Mrs. Puff and Mrs. Puff disappears]

[shows Plankton in the chum bucket looking through his cameras]

Plankton:now I have placed cameras all over I can see everything!and by the look of it no one is guarding the Krusty Krab!

[shows Plankton run out of the chum bucket]

Plankton:Krabby Patty formula here I come!

[shows the thunder hit Plankton]

Plankton:OH FISH PASTE!!!

[Plankton disappears]

[shows professor frink still stuck in the time machine at Springfield town square]


[shows homer putting duff off the buffet table down his pants]

Marge:homer are you really putting duff down your pants?

Homer:hey it makes my bumb cold and I have to save it!

Marge:homer it's not safe!

Homer:what do you know Marge!?

[shows the thunder hit the buffet table]

[all the duff spills]

Homer:no!!!my precious!


[shows Marge pull homer away into the car]

[shows Marge get into the car and drive off]

[shows professor frink in the time machine]

Professor frink:I'll never get glavin out of here...

[shows SpongeBob Sandy and Patrick appear in the machine and smash out of the window]


Professor frink:glavin havin your from a different dimension!are you monsters or something?

Sandy:wow you all look different...

Professor frink:yeah you to with the tail and the done and the buck teeth and the square pants...

Sandy:say do you know how all to get back to Bikini Bottom?

Professor frink:Bikini Bottom glavin havin what are you speaking about?!we have a shop full of em...

Patrick:quick we need to go...

Professor frink:but I don't think you would like to see what's in there!

[shows Patrick come back]

Patrick:that's not Bikini Bottom at all!!!

Professor frink:well glavin havin this has happened before with the future colliding with us!follow me...

Sandy:ok?SpongeBob Patrick y'all follow this man!

[shows professor frink in his laboratory]

Professor frink:glavin havin it looks like the storm has caused something big because we were both using the glavin time machine at the same time!

Sandy:that all makes sense...

Professor frink:so instead of bringing us back in time it's like a portal!

Sandy:that all makes sense to...

SpongeBob:so what should we do?

Professor frink:well the giant over sized squirrel can stay here and help...or you have to find a place to stay

SpongeBob:like where?

Professor frink:a foster home?maybe?I don't glavin know just go along now...

[shows Squidward fall through moes roof]

[moe is polishing his shotgun]

Moe:yeah you like that don't you?now let's get ready for the big footy raid tonight...I'll raise the prices as fast as I can!

[shows Squidward land on moe]


[moes shot gun goes off and smashes a window]

Moe:no!my window!

Squidward:uh maybe I could explain

Moe:oh no no no!you can't explain...woah

[moe sees Squidward]

Squidward:what?what is it!?

Moe:well your uglier than it possible!?


Moe:uh for that window and the damage your gonna have to work here for a while...

Squidward:what!?I need to get home!


Squidward:I live in another dimension...

Moe:oh...that explains the nose...well how about just for tonight?

Squidward:ok ok!Ill work


[shows mr Krabs smash through the roof of krusty burger]

Mr Krabs:ah!

[mr Krabs falls in the fryer of the kitchen]

Mr Krabs:ahhhhh!!!!this is a death trap!

[shows squeaky voiced teen come at the back]

Squeaky voiced teen:wow that's when big crab to eat...I hope they have enough room for it...

[shows mr Krabs jump out]

Squeaky voiced teen:woah!oh boss is going to fire me when he finds out I've been feeding customers food of the floor...

Mr Krabs:I'm no meal!now where am I?!

Squeaky voiced teen:in krusty burger sir...

Mr Krabs:krusty burger eh?!sounds like a rip off on the Krusty Krab...

Squeaky voiced teen:what's a Krusty Krab sir?

Mr Krabs:it's me restaurant home of the Krabby Patty

Squeaky voiced teen:well I've never heard of it...but if you'd like to speak to the boss I can surely tell him...

Mr Krabs:I'll go to speak to him myself

Squeaky voiced teen:sorry sir but that's against the rules...only staff can see krusty...

Mr Krabs:krusty?!grr!!!only staff to!?

Squeaky voiced teen:yes sir only staff can see him...[shows mr Krabs walking up to squeaky voiced teen shaking his fists]sir what are you doing?sir?sir!?sir!?!?

[shows krusty smoking in his office]

Krusty:ah what a life...

[mr Krabs knocks on the door with squeaky voiced teens clothes on]

Krusty:what do you want!?no autographs!the monkey can give ya them!

[shows mr Krabs walk in]


Krusty:what the hell are you talking about?


Krusty:the Krusty Krab?is that some cheap sea food place down town or something?


Krusty:I don't calm down ya maniac!now what's a Krabby Patty some kind of crab meat put in a bun?

Mr Krabs:no!anyway I would like to buy this place!

Krusty:what?!thats much money do you have?!

Mr Krabs:well um...

[shows mr Krabs looking in his pants]

Mr Krabs:oh wait I can feel something...

Krusty:0_o what are you doing?

Mr Krabs:just wait!

[shows mr Krabs get out a sack of money]

Krusty:ha!that can't buy this place at all!nice try krab!

[shows mr Krabs get out 10 other sacks]

Krusty:woah!wow...uh...ok take it!

Mr Krabs:yes!

[shows mr Krabs run out singing]

[shows Springfield elementary]

[shows skinner in his office with Edna there to]

Skinner:well I think it is silly celebrating...they should be giving us some respect who was in the war at least...

Edna:oh come on skinner...

Skinner:well uh what should we do tomorrow?

Edna:how about we go in the janitors closet and get it on?

Skinner:nah that'll never do...

[shows pearl smash through the roof]

Skinner:woah!young man what are you doing here!?

Pearl:I'm a girl boys are gross!and where is this place it's totally not coral...

Skinner:your in Springfield elementary girl...and we don't use slang here...

Pearl:oh come on...

[shows Mrs. Puff fall into the car school]

[shows patty and Selma smoking]

Selma:well well well...

Patty:welcome to the job

Mrs Puff:wait what?

[shows SpongeBob outside of the Simpsons house with Patrick]

SpongeBob:well this is the 2nd last house...

Patrick:hopefully we get good luck...

[shows SpongeBob knock on the door]

SpongeBob:hello?!Im SpongeBob!please let us in...

[shows homer with duff cans all over homer with his underpants only on him]

Homer:Marge!can you answer the door!?someone wants to sell us something or patty and Selma are visiting!if they are visiting don't bother...

Marge:homer I'm busy making the tea homer!you answer...

Homer:ok ok...

[shows homer walk up to the door]

Homer:ok what are you selling?

SpongeBob:we're not...

Homer:so why the hell are you here?

SpongeBob:we need your help...

Homer:my help?!ha!my help!?ha!

SpongeBob:Patrick I don't think we're gonna get a home here...

Patrick:oh ok...

[shows SpongeBob crossing the simpson house off his list]

SpongeBob:ok now to the Flanders...

[shows Bart in the garage door way]

Bart:hey you weirdos!

Patrick:SpongeBob he means us!lets listen...


Bart:you can come in here...just don't tell homer the big guy ya did we're supposed to be fixing the dent in the car from when mum crashed into a apple tree...

SpongeBob:oh ok...

[shows SpongeBob Patrick run into the garage]

SpongeBob:so who's were?

Bart:well...Lisa!?where are you!?

[shows Bart pull Lisa out from the boot]

Lisa:Bart you trapped me in there!

Bart:yeah yeah yeah...whatever look!

Lisa:woah!bart who are them...

SpongeBob:I'm SpongeBob square pants mam...

Lisa:oh ok?

Patrick:I'm uh...I forget

Lisa:I don't think these are normal Bart...

Bart:what do you mean?

[shows Lisa pull Bart into the boot]

Lisa:I think these people are from a different dimension!

Bart:yeah so what's wrong with that?

Lisa:this could be dangerous and change space and time as we know it!

Bart:yeah yeah yeah whatever just role with it Lisa

Lisa:ok but Im telling mum...

Bart:ok then...

[shows Lisa get out of the boot]

SpongeBob:I think everything's gonna be just fine here...

[shows mr burns in his office]

Mr burns:Smithers look at them...all happy with the new arrival I hate it...

Smithers:should I close the curtains then sir?

Mr burns:yes it makes it darker

Smithers:ok sir...

[shows Plankton smash through the window]

Plankton:what is this place?


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