Air date:9,12,14



Series:The spongeons

File:Nuclear patty.jpg


[shows Plankton in the middle of mr burns office]

Plankton:woah what is this place?!

Mr burns:oh Smithers looks bug don't let it get me!


Smithers:I'll get the spray sir...

Mr burns:good idea be quick!

[shows Smithers walk out of the office]

Mr burns:please don't hurt me...

Plankton:what is this place?!and why is everyone a idiot here!?

Mr burns:huh?did I just hear the bug speaking?no your going insane burns...

[shows mr burns look]

[Plankton isn't on the floor]

Mr burns:where the?!

[shows Plankton on mr burns shoulder]

Plankton:hey you!yellow face!

Mr burns:what?

Plankton:I'm no bug!Im Sheldon J Plankton of the chum bucket...

Mr burns:oh yes the chum bucket!it got closed in 1966 didn't it?

Plankton:no!wha?its still open!

Mr burns:it is?

Plankton:in Bikini Bottom!

Mr burns:in a Bikini Bottom?what?hm...I don't think I want to go...but hm...bake me up some food from there...

Plankton:ok!so do you have a bucket of chum here?

Mr burns:no but I have a bucket of that over there if my employees are sleeping on the job...

[shows mr burns point to a bucket of chum]

Plankton:your a real pain ya know that?grr...

[shows Plankton get ahold of the bucket of chum]

Plankton:what's that?

Mr burns:that its a burger...from krusty burger I took it of a Homer Simpson today...


[shows Plankton get ahold of the burger and just take the buns]

[shows Plankton put the chum in the middle of the buns]

Plankton:there done!

[shows Smithers come in with some spray]

Smithers:I've got it sir!

Mr burns:but wai...

[shows Plankton run out of the office]


[shows Plankton running down a corridor until he stops exactly with a halt]

[the chum patty falls out of Planktons hands over the ledge]

Plankton:no!it can't be!no no no!

[shows Smithers coming down the corridor]

Smithers:don't worry mr burns explained...

Plankton:good but my patty it's gone!

[shows a nuclear worker walking past a corridor underneath the balcony]

Nuclear worker:what the!?

[shows the patty fall in a bucket of nuclear]

Nuclear worker:huh?uh...let me see this...

[shows the nuclear worker climb up some ladders to the top of the bucket of nuclear]

Nuclear worker:what's this?a perfectly good krusty burger!aw come here you!

[shows the nuclear worker get out the chum patty and walk up the balcony into mr burns office]

Nuclear worker:sir..I found this...

Plankton:my patty!where did it go?

Nuclear worker:who said that?

Plankton:do I always have to say this?down here!

Nuclear worker:oh you...uh...nowhere...

[shows Plankton grab the chum patty and passes it to mr burns]

Mr burns:huh?

[the nuclear worker walks out and walks off]

Plankton:have a bite...

Mr burns:ok...

[shows mr burns eat the chum patty]


Mr burns:ew...ew...heuejjjsijsinsund......

Plankton:OH COME ON!

Mr burns:Smithers!I I...

Smithers:I'll get you a drink sir...

Mr burns:I taste something!it tastes delicious!



Mr burns:the chum is horrible...


Mr burns:but the after taste it's its beautiful!

Plankton:I'm glad you like it...


[shows mr Krabs at krusty burger]

Mr Krabs:we need a salad!now quickly!

Squeaky voiced teen:but sir...we're all out...

Mr Krabs:what?!

Squeaky voiced teen:well...we only get one box a year...

Mr Krabs:order some then!

Squeaky voiced teen:but but how?

Mr Krabs:grr!!

Squeaky voiced teen:sorry sir I just can't help it!

[shows the Simpsons come in]

Homer:hmmm...greasy smell...

Bart:um did we forget something?


Bart:nah mum has her...


[shows SpongeBob come wobbling in side to side into krusty burger]

SpongeBob:I couldn't breath!the boot is a scary place!

Lisa:oh brother...

Bart:hey sponge!welcome to krusty burger!

SpongeBob:krusty burger is that this dimensions version of the Krusty Krab?


Lisa:we all have a version of different places...


Lisa:like in other TV shows...

[shows homer at the counter]

Homer:hello?its me homer your regular...

Marge:oh brother...

[shows squeaky voiced teen walking out from the counter]

Homer:hey you!aren't you gonna serve me?!

Squeaky voiced teen:sorry sir but my boss just fired me...

Homer:what?!I'd like to see the boss!

Squeaky voiced teen:oh he's in the kitchen...

[shows squeaky voiced teen walk out of krusty burger]

Homer:hey yo boss!I want to speak to you!

[shows mr Krabs come out]

Mr Krabs:what is it?Im busy...we might close...Ive just fired the cook...

Homer:what?!you can't do that!

Mr Krabs:oh yes I can!you can't tell me what to do!

Homer:oh yes I can!Im homer J Simpson the regular customer!

Mr Krabs:Ive never seen you before!

Homer:Ive never seen you before!

SpongeBob:mr Krabs!


Mr Krabs:SpongeBob!are you here for the job?


Mr Krabs:it's we need a fry cook...and you are the best I know...

SpongeBob:I guess...yeah!

[shows mr Krabs put a krusty burger uniform over SpongeBob]

SpongeBob:ohhh...a uniform!

[shows SpongeBob go behind the counter]

Homer:well I'll have a...

Mr Krabs:SpongeBob...rev up this family some of the best Krabby Pattys we have to offer...

Lisa:but Im...

Mr Krabs:elegiac to sesame seeds?oh don't worry we'll take em off...

Lisa:oh brother...

[shows SpongeBob making a Krabby Patty]

SpongeBob:and the bun and the salad and the patty and the ketch up and done!

[shows SpongeBob throw a Krabby Patty at homer]

[homer catches the patty]

Homer:hm?...a Krabby Patty?Ill try it...

[shows homer eat the Krabby Patty]

Homer:meh it's ok...wait a minute...this is the best thing ever!

[shows Krabby Pattys getting thrown out all over the place]

Mr Krabs:ahhhh!!!you have to pay still though...

Homer:I will this is the best thing Ive ever had!

[shows SpongeBob give Lisa some veg on the patty]

SpongeBob:no patty never was...[whispers in lisas ear]don't tell mr Krabs Ive been messing with the recipe

Mr Krabs:is that a salad?

SpongeBob:yes mr Krabs why?

Mr Krabs:that squeaky voice!he was lying!grr...I'm glad I fired him now really glad...

[scene goes into mr burns office]

[mr burns is rolling around on the floor]

Smithers:we need to help him!

Plankton:no we don't he liked it!

Smithers:so this is normal? must be something to do with the nuclear...



Plankton:don't worry he wants more....

[shows Plankton get a bucket of nuclear and put the nuclear in the middle of the buns]

Plankton:here have some!

[shows Plankton throw a patty in mr burns mouth]

Mr burns:THANK YOU!!!!

Plankton:...see he likes it!

Smithers:I'm calling a doctor!

Plankton:no don't!

Smithers:I have to!

[shows Smithers get out his phone]

Smithers:hello?doctor yes it's mr he does not need another liver I think...

Mr burns:SAY I SAID HI TO HIM!!!!

Smithers:uh...yeah come as quick as you can please...


[shows doctor hibbert walking into the office]

Doctor hibbert:hello...I heard it was urgent...

Smithers:can you explain this?

[shows mr burns eating his chair]

Mr burns:YUMMY!!!!!

Doctor hibbert:um...what have you fed him today?

Smithers:a nuclear patty...

Doctor hibbert:oh no...krusty burger buns?


Doctor hibbert:OH NO!!!Ill need to take this to the hospital...


Mr burns:BUT NO!!!

[shows mr burns turn giant and smash through the roof]

Doctor hibbert:uh oh

Mr burns:THE PATTYS RULE!!!!

Doctor hibbert:oh no!stop eating them!

Mr burns:NOOOO!!!!

Doctor hibbert:stop!now!

[shows mr burns eat doctor hibbert]

Doctor hibbert:ahhhh!!!

Smithers:ahhhh run!


[shows Plankton jump through the window]

Plankton:I'm gonna make a business out of this though!hahaha!

Smithers:sir we don't want any trouble!

[shows mr burns get ahold of a patty and through it in Smithers mouth]

Smithers:oh no!

[smithers starts rolling around on the floor]


[shows Plankton running down street to Hermans military shop]

Plankton:now I need to pin that burns down for good!

[shows Plankton run into hermans military shop]

Plankton:hey you!give me something to pin someone down!

Herman:you mean like a harpoon?


Herman:great what colour?we have blue red yellow pink and

Plankton:I don't have time for that!just give me a normal harpoon!

Herman:ok ok...

[shows herman give Plankton a harpoon]

Plankton:yeah now that's what I'm talking about!

Herman:yeah...that'll be 20 dollars...

Plankton:20 dollars!?uh...ok?

[shows Plankton run outside]

[shows krusty walking past]

Krusty:I can't believe he bought that old greasy place for nearly all his money!Im now rich!

Plankton:rich hey?

[shows Plankton harpoon krustys pants off]

[Plankton runs inside the shop and give Herman some money out of krustys pocket]

Plankton:here you go!

Herman:hm....clown pants?is this stolen?

Plankton:uh no?

Herman:of course it is...


Herman:like all the money I get...have a good day...

[shows Plankton walk out of the shop]

Plankton:watch out world watch out!


[shows Plankton in a tall building]

Plankton:now!I found this abandoned place and counted everyone in Springfield!EVERY GIANT WILL FIT IN HERE! burns!

[shows mr burns chained up]

Mr burns:YES!? guard...

Mr burns:OK!!!


[shows giant Smithers chained up]

Plankton:do what you can?

[shows Plankton walk out of the building]

[Plankton is over looking springfield]

Plankton:watch out Springfield watch out!hahaha!

[shows mr Krabs sitting in his office in krusty burger]

Mr Krabs:grr business is slow today!

[shows SpongeBob come in]

Mr Krabs:SpongeBob me boy I'm glad you got my call!

SpongeBob:I didn't I want to complain how the grill is covered in bogeys...

Mr you noticed?

SpongeBob:that we haven't been getting customers lately?yes...there all at the power plant...

Mr Krabs:power plant?you mean a nuclear dangerous power plant?

SpongeBob:I think so...

Mr Krabs:let me see...

[shows mr Krabs and SpongeBob climb onto the roof]

Mr Krabs:ok let's see...


[shows mr Krabs pull out some binoculars]

Mr Krabs:hm...I smell something fishy here...

SpongeBob:oh it's just that sea food restaurant down the street...

[shows SpongeBob point at the frying dutchman]

Mr Krabs:oh...

[shows mr Krabs see through the binoculars]

Mr Krabs:wait a minute.........

SpongeBob:what is it mr Krabs?

Mr Krabs:Plankton!

SpongeBob:Plankton!?he must of come to!

Mr Krabs:why I otta!

[shows Plankton at the power plant]

[shows squeaky voiced teen at Planktons desk]

Plankton:you here for the cook?

Squeaky voiced teen:I guess so...

Plankton:good in there!

[shows squeaky voiced teen walk into the power plant]

[shows mr Krabs run up to Plankton]

Mr Krabs:Plankton!

Plankton:Krabs!?what are you doing here!?oh no...

Mr Krabs and Plankton:you must of got hit to...


Mr Krabs:why have you got so many customers!?

Plankton:why!?I guess it's because of my secret ingredient!

Mr Krabs:what is it!?

Plankton:not telling!

Mr Krabs:is it nuclear?

Plankton:it might be and it might not be...

Squeaky voiced teen:[in the other room]sir how much nuclear do I put in a patty?!

Plankton:barnacles...wait a minute!

Mr Krabs:your gonna be in so much trouble!


Mr Krabs:I just know you will!

Plankton:bye Krabs!

[shows mr Krabs walk out]

[shows mr Krabs marching up and down in krusty burger dressed as a soldier]

Mr Krabs:ok men!our plan is to break into the power plant and steal some nuclear...

SpongeBob:won't the nuclear burn as straight away mr Krabs?

Mr will be wearing those special gloves...


[shows SpongeBob look at his gloves]

Mr Krabs:ok SpongeBob you know the drill!old man Jenkins?

Moleman:no I'm moleman...I guess I could help...

Mr Krabs:ok?


[shows SpongeBob climbing up the side of the power plant]

SpongeBob:ok mr k the security are sleeping...

Mr Krabs:[over SpongeBobs headset]good now that mole guy will be waiting for you to drop through the window and SpongeBob me lad...get me some nuclear!

SpongeBob:ok mr Krabs...

[shows SpongeBob dive through the window into a room full of nuclear]

SpongeBob:moleman?!where are you?!

[shows SpongeBob see molemans glasses]

SpongeBob:oh no!

[shows SpongeBob see moleman led on the floor with his eyes closed]

SpongeBob:oh no!how did this happen!?moleman!

[SpongeBob hears a door noise]

SpongeBob:oh no...someone's here!

[shows SpongeBob throw a pipe at squeaky voiced teen]

SpongeBob:take that killer!

Squeaky voiced teen:ow!

[shows squeaky voiced teen fall in a tub of nuclear]

SpongeBob:oh no Im a killer!

[shows squeaky voiced teen come out giant]

SpongeBob:oh no!AHHHHH!!!

Squeaky voiced teen:YOUR GOING TO PAY FOR THAT!!!

SpongeBob:gulp...I don't have any thing on me but mr Krabs might lend you some money....

Squeaky voiced teen:YOUR GONNA PAY BY YOUR LIFE!!!!

SpongeBob:oh no please don't!



[shows SpongeBob see a bucket of nuclear]


[shows squeaky voiced teen taking giant steps to SpongeBob]


Mr Krabs:[on SpongeBobs headset]whats going on in there?!


Mr Krabs:[on SpongeBobs headset]a giant!?Ill be right over!

[shows SpongeBob run out into the lobby with the bucket of nuclear]

Plankton:hey you!SpongeBob?!hey!come back here!

[shows SpongeBob run out of the lobby and jump over different cars]

[Plankton is running under the cars]

Plankton:Im coming!

SpongeBob:stop it!

Plankton:no you!

[shows Plankton get out his grapple hook and get ahold of SpongeBobs pants]

SpongeBob:my pants!

Plankton:come here you!

[shows SpongeBob jump into mr Krabs clown car]

Mr Krabs:ok SpongeBob!you got the nuclear?

SpongeBob:yes mr Krabs sir!

Mr Krabs:good now let's go from here!

[shows mr Krabs drive off]

[shows Plankton standing in the car park]

Plankton:you!barnacles!you won't get away with this Krabs!

Mr Krabs:[shouts from car]yes I will!

[shows mr Krabs in the kitchen of krusty burger with SpongeBob]

Mr Krabs:ok now we need to be careful me lad...

SpongeBob:ok mr Krabs...

[shows SpongeBob put some nuclear in the middle of some buns]

Mr Krabs:ok I'll test it....

SpongeBob:are you sure you want to do this mr Krabs?

Mr Krabs:yes me lad...


[shows SpongeBob walk out of the kitchen and put on some goggles]

SpongeBob:ok mr Krabs I'm ready!

[shows mr Krabs eat the patty]

Mr Krabs:why does anyone like this?!oh...wait a's not so bad I guess...

[mr Krabs start rolling around on the floor]

SpongeBob:mr Krabs whats going on?!

Mr Krabs:SpongeBob!help me lad!


Mr Krabs:get the emergency pack out...

SpongeBob:no anything but that!we can't waste them!

Mr Krabs:we have get it...

SpongeBob:gulp see ya mr Krabs!

[shows SpongeBob get out a pack from the kitchen]

SpongeBob:now what?

Mr Krabs:give me one...NO DON'T NUCLEAR PATTYS RULE!!!!!


[mr Krabs grows giant]

Mr Krabs:LITTLE SPONGE MUST DIE!!!! goes nothing!

[shows SpongeBob throw a Krabby Patty in mr Krabs mouth]

SpongeBob:one of the best pattys ever!

[shows mr Krabs grow back to his normal size]

SpongeBob:mr Krabs!

Mr Krabs:what the barnacles happened?

SpongeBob:you grew into a giant monster who loved nuclear pattys...

Mr Krabs:oh no...

[shows mr Krabs and SpongeBob climb onto the krusty burger roof]

Mr Krabs:looks like we're gonna need a bigger crew...

SpongeBob:I know just who to call mr Krabs...

[shows SpongeBob call homer]

[shows homer sitting down in the living room of the Simpsons house eating loads and loads of Krabby Pattys]

Homer:gr...who could it be this time?!

[shows homer answer the phone]

Homer:what is it?Im having a very important date with the life time supply of Krabby Pattys here!

SpongeBob:[over phone]homer you and your family come to krusty burger now!

Homer:Im proud to...

[shows the Simpsons family outside of krusty burger]

Homer:hm...they should be here any moment now...

[shows SpongeBob and mr Krabs walk out of krusty burger]

Mr Krabs:ok attention!you will all save the krusty burger thing in its business!now shoot these extra special Krabby Pattys into the giant things mouths...

Homer:giant things?

[shows homer throw a Krabby Patty at lewis jackson]

Homer:take that you nuclear monster thing you!

Lewis:I really need to stop coming to Springfield!man!

[shows Lewis Jackson walk off]


Mr Krabs:ok now get in me car!

[shows mr Krabs point in a empty space on the street]

Mr Krabs:where's the clown car thingy!?

SpongeBob:we upgraded it...

Mr Krabs:what?

SpongeBob:look to your left...

Mr Krabs:ok?

[shows a giant monster truck]

Mr Krabs:when the barnacles did ya get that!?

Homer:I put some bits and bats together that Flanders had and this didn't turn out how I wanted it..

[shows homer have a sheet with Flanders head on with a sign on top of it saying Im a loser]


[shows SpongeBob climbing a hill]

SpongeBob:here we go!

[shows Plankton walking out of a tall big building]

Plankton:there's the police over with!hm...thinking about it what would happen if I ran out of people?gulp...

[shows SpongeBob get ahold of Plankton]

Plankton:ah!you!what are you doing here!?cant you just leave me alone!?

SpongeBob:no!now get out!and stop selling nuclear pattys!

Plankton:no!come on burnsy!

[shows mr burns smash through the wall of the building giant]

Plankton:kill the sponge!

Mr burns:OK!


[shows homer in a plane]

Homer:ok 3 2 1!

[shows homer shoot at mr burns]

Mr burns:ow ow ow ow ow!

Plankton:what the!?get that plane!wait a minute...what the!?

[shows mr burns small]

Mr burns:yummy...this is brilliant...

Plankton:what the!?

[shows Plankton pick up a green coloured Krabby Patty]


[shows Plankton give SpongeBob a christmas present]

Plankton:here ya go!

SpongeBob:ohhh...a present...

[shows SpongeBob open the present]

[shows a fist punch SpongeBob off the hill]


Plankton:ha ha ha ha!

[shows Plankton blow on a whistle]

Plankton:giants get him!


[shows Smithers walk on Plankton]


[everyone is normal sized again]


[shows dr hibbert flick Plankton of the hill]


Dr hibbert:it wasn't nice in there!thats my payback!

[shows homer sneaking into the power plant]

Homer:I never thought I'd have to do this!

Squeaky voiced teen:I HEARD YOU!!!

[squeaky voiced teen is still giant]

Homer:ah!oh god...

[shows squeaky voiced teen smash the wall that homer is hiding behind]


[shows homer shoot in the giants mouth]

Homer:take that you monster!

[shows squeaky voiced teen turn normal]

Squeaky voiced teen:oh boy what happened?

Homer:I'll tell you what happened friend you were being a jerk...

Squeaky voiced teen:what?

[shows homer punch squeaky voiced teen and knock him out]


[shows homer place a Krabby Patty on the ground in the room and runs out of the power plant]

Homer:jerk ass!

[shows the power plant blow up]

Homer:sweet sweet destruction!

[shows squeaky voiced teen walk out of the power plant]

Squeaky voiced teen:I I...I'm so fired...


Squeaky voiced teen:aw...


[shows everyone at krusty burger eating]

SpongeBob:well everything's back to normal!

Homer:yup!brilliant burgers!

SpongeBob:I know...thanks mr Krabs!?

[shows SpongeBob walk outside]

SpongeBob:mr Krabs!?

Mr Krabs:oh me lad!there you are!

SpongeBob:what are you doing?

Mr Krabs:I'm changing the name to the Krusty Krab!





Mr Krabs


Squeaky voiced teen

Mr burns

Dr hibbert








Krusty the clown[cameo]


  • This is the first episode to get its own title card.
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